Is assisted suicide right for you?


By: Marisela S.

First, you need to know what assisted suicide is and the process you would have to take if you are considering assisted suicide. Assisted suicide has been a controversial topic for centuries. There have been arguments about whether or no assisted suicide is ethical. What if assisted suicide is a step in the wrong direction? Let me start off by saying assisted suicide is not for everyone but I do believe that everyone has a right to make that decision or at least know about all their options.

Furthermore, assisted suicide can be the last resort for some patients who aren’t so lucky. With that being said, assisted suicide is only legal in a few states in the United States. Which makes it harder for patients seeking a physician who’s willing to participate. Here are a few necessary steps you need to take in order to seek help with assisted suicide.  “To find out if your doctor is willing to participate in the law, make an appointment with him or her to discuss your end-of-life goals and concerns, including the option available under the state’s Death with Dignity law. Ask any kind of doctor: your hospice doctor, or your oncologist, or pulmonologist, or neurologist, or even your dermatologist or psychiatrist. Any physician licensed to practice in a “Death with Dignity state” is allowed to participate if s/he agrees; the law also says every physician has the choice not to participate.” (DD)

“If the first physician says yes, ask them for a referral to another doctor who will participate or ask another of your (probably many) doctors if they will participate. Both physicians need to certify that you meet the criteria under the law. The first physician will be your attending physician for the law. He or she will guide you through all the requirements of the law and, if you qualify, will write the life-ending medication prescription for you. The second certifying doctor will be the consulting physician under the law who has to certify all the criteria under the law have been met.” (DD)

You may be asking yourself “What now?” If you have found a physician that I willing to help you. That have already gone through the necessary steps moving forward. It is up to the physician to determine which prescription they will prescribe to you. After that, you will decide where and when you want to take your prescription. Only you know when and if will be the right time. Assisted suicide seems to have a negative view on it and everyone has their personal views on it. Even if you decide that assisted suicide isn’t for you it is still your right to know. There might come a time where that may be your only option and with so many laws prohibiting assisted suicide you should know and be informed about your right if you choose it. The information provided is just to help you understand and give some insight on what lies for you ahead if you are considering assisted suicide.



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