Our names are Marisela, Randi and Neris. We are students at Brookhaven College. We hope we are able to answer some questions you might have about assisted suicide. Our goal is to inform you about all of your options about death.

Hi, my name is Marisela and this is my first year at Brookhaven College. I believe that we all have a right to make our own decisions when it comes to life and death. That is why I wanted to know more about assisted suicide and inform others as well.

I’m Randi. I’m a first-year student pursuing my Bachelors degree in Nursing. I work in a long-term acute care hospital and in my free time, I enjoy playing with my dog, Kevin, reading, and fighting the good fight as a libertarian that isn’t going to let ‘the man’ keep me down.

This is Neris, a student who is a Brookhaven college student who is working for his associates degree in applied science. I got interested in the topic as there are many people that don’t know what to do when its hard to live. Hope I can inform you with information of the research we perform.